Personal Attorney Serving the Middletown, Delaware Area

Practice Areas

The following description of our firm’s activities was prompted by the knowledge that most people do not know what any individual law firm does. Many times people come to our office in an emergency, without first knowing the areas of law that we practice. Quite often we have been the first attorneys with whom the client has ever had contact. Even relatively sophisticated individuals may lack knowledge of whether a particular firm is experienced in their area of legal needs. If we do not practice in the area of your particular legal need, we will refer the matter to another attorney who engages in the type of work you need.

Litigation and Arbitration

We advise and represent clients in civil litigation in all State and Federal Courts. Our litigation practice has been quite varied over the years. We are also engaged in dispute resolution through arbitration or mediation.

Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation

We advise and represent clients in all phases of accident cases. These include claims for motor vehicle accidents, industrial/workplace accidents, medical malpractice, and any other injury situation. We regularly appear before the Industrial Accident Board in workers’ compensation cases. We are engaged in all phases of insurance litigation.

Government Affairs and Legislation

This is a unique specialty – very few firms are engaged in direct lobbying in the General Assembly on a regular basis. We draft legislation and actively lobby for passage or opposition of legislation or amendments. We advise and represent clients before the General Assembly and before county and municipal legislative bodies. We represent clients before administrative agencies in the genesis of the regulatory process.

Administrative Law and Government Resolutions

We represent and advise clients at all levels of government administrative agencies. The range of our practice is quite broad and fits well with our government affairs interests. We have special interest in insurance regulation.

Corporate, Partnership, and Small Business Law

We represent and advise clients in their business affairs. This includes corporate and partnership law. In addition, we have been involved in employment law, including labor arbitration and collective bargaining.

Real Estate

We represent and advise clients in real estate settlements and refinancing, both private and commercial. We are involved in zoning and variances, as well as the myriad of administrative agencies affecting development.

Family Law, Wills, and Trusts

We represent and advise clients in all areas in which the law effects the family. This ranges from adoption through domestic relations. It includes the preparation of wills, estate planning for the disposition of one’s estate, as well as estate administration upon the passing of a family member.

Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Offenses

We represent and defend clients in all State and Federal Courts. We believe that a general practice firm must regularly engage in this area of the law to properly protect the families that it represents.

Please Note: A listing of areas of practice does not represent official certification as a specialist in those areas.